hit in your kitchen.

We need:
raw beets 3 pcs
1 onion head
garlic 3 cloves
cilantro seeds 1 hour spoon
red pepper ground tsp floor
Vinegar 1 – 0.5 tablespoons

This snack can be a hit in your kitchen. It is made from beets and is a treasure of vitamins.

I do not pretend to the discovery of America, I just suggest, as an option from me, beets in Korean. When I first tried raw beets in a seven-color flower garden salad at a wedding, I was surprised by the edibility and taste of raw beets. And then I got the idea to make Korean beets from raw materials. I bring to your attention. A set of products is simple. Cooking unsophisticated.


Raw beets grate, salt a little and add vinegar. Leave to marinate for 2 – 3 hours. after which the juice is drained. Fry the onions in vegetable oil until dark golden color and pull out from the pan (we no longer need it). It is necessary to pour this oil, still warm, our pickled beets and immediately add chopped garlic (preferably passed through a press), red pepper and ground cilantro seeds. You can add quite a drop of sugar for a brighter taste.

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