Stew of chicken in the oven.

Stew of chicken in the oven.

Chicken – 3 carcasses (5-5.5 kg)
salt – to taste
Bay leaf – 1-3 pieces (in each jar)
Peas – 3-5 pcs (in each jar)


Cut chicken carcasses into small pieces.
Rinse . Put in a colander, let drain water.
Add salt to taste.
Put the bay leaf and pepper in the washed jars (I have 600 g jars) on the bottom.
Fill the jars with pieces of chicken, leaving 2 cm to the brim, while cooking the mass rises to avoid leakage, do not fill the jars to the brim!
Put jars on a baking tray covered with parchment. Cover with lids (pre-rinse the lid with boiling water) and place in a COLD oven.
Turn on the oven.
Put on 250 ‘. As the meat in the banks begins to boil, reduce the temperature to 150 ‘and leave to stew for 3-4 hours.
Meat should not be cooked, but should languish.
Get the jars out of the oven.
Roll up
Store at room temperature or in a cellar.
Banks do not require separate pre-sterilization.
You can also stew not only chicken, but also any other meat.
Stew in banks can be stored for 2 years.


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