Secrets of delicious pilaf! Plus phased cooking Uzbek pilaf!

Secrets of delicious pilaf! Plus phased cooking Uzbek pilaf!

The secrets of delicious pilaf

* Carrots need to be cut with a long straw and not to rub. Do not be afraid to overdo it with a length, the longer the straw, the more delicious pilaf.

* The best dishes for pilaf are a thick cast-iron pan, a deep and thick frying pan, and a cast-iron cauldron. In any case – with a tight-fitting lid.

* Salt and spices are best added in the middle of making zirvaka (as eastern people call “dressing” from meat, carrots and onions).

* As if you did not want to open the lid and look into the pan, do not do this until you order the recipe. And in no case do not mix the meat with rice in the pan during cooking, just before serving!

* If you are not in a hurry, wrap the pan with pilaf in a blanket and leave for 30-60 minutes – it will become even tastier.

Phased preparation of Uzbek plov:

1. Put the onion, cut into half rings, into red hot butter. Fry until golden brown.
2. Add coarsely chopped beef (diced)
3. Put coarsely chopped carrots (bars). Add salt and fry well.
4. Fill with boiled water, so as to cover the carrots by 3-4 cm. Reduce the heat and simmer the pilaf (the so-called broth of pilau) on a slow fire. From my own experience, I can say that the longer zirvak cooks, the tastier and more aromatic pilaf.
5. Rice is the most important component. It is necessary to buy varieties more firm, such as devzira, kunjara. But I don’t know if there are such varieties in Russia, so take a long grain one. Soaking it is not necessary, at least I do not do it, because our family loves crumbly pilaf. Carefully clean it and rinse.
6. Warning! Before pouring rice into the cauldron, try zirvak for salt. It should be more than you usually put in the soup. Those. salty, because rice absorbs the salt. Otherwise, the pilaf will be bland.
7. Cover rice evenly and gently pour boiled water so that it covers 2 cm. Make a fire and wait until rice absorbs water. After doing the holes in the rice to the bottom of the cauldron. I make a wooden spoon handle in 5-6 places. This is to ensure that the water is absorbed faster and the zirvak is not burnt. We look at the contents in the wells, not forgetting to periodically poke them. If the liquid contained in them is turbid, then the water has not yet fully boiled away, and if the liquid gleams, it is oil. So, we can safely reduce the fire to a minimum, collect the rice on the hill, sprinkle it with cheese and cover with a lid.
8. We note the time – 20 minutes (this is according to the rules). But I give the pilaf to stand on a small fire for 15 minutes. I turn it off, mix it well and let it stand again for 10 minutes now.
And Uzbek pilaf is ready. Enjoy your meal!
P.S. If desired, garlic, barberry, chickpea, and quince are added to the pilaf. And with the arrival of spring pilaw is made with cavava. It is minced, wrapped in young grape leaves. It turns out incredibly tasty and sour.

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