Water – 300 ml
Yeast (dry) – 1 tbsp. l
Sugar – 1 tbsp. l
Salt – 1 tsp.
Flour – 500 g
Vegetable oil – 500-600g
For filling:
Light 300g
Heart 100g
Liver 100g
Throat 100g
Bulb onion -1 pc.
Flour-1 tsp.
Pepper – to taste, zira – to taste.
First mix the dry yeast, salt and sugar in a bowl, add a couple of tablespoons of the sifted flour, mix and add half a cup of warm water. All mix, add grows. oil, and pour the remaining water, mix again. Slowly add the sifted flour and knead the dough. To prevent the dough from sticking to the walls, it is necessary to grease a bowl with oil, put the dough in there, cover with a towel and put in a warm place. After 1 hour, knead the dough, cover with a towel and leave for another 30 minutes.
Cooking BARRY: rinse offal (light, heart, liver, throat) in cold water, cut into small pieces, which boil in salt water until tender. Cool and mince. Cut onions and fry to grow. oil, and then mix with minced meat, add flour, salt, pepper, zira to taste – mix well, you can add a little broth in which by-products were cooked. The filling should not be dry, but not liquid. Then divide the dough into small balls (approximately 30 pcs.). Each ball to knead directly on the table in a tortilla, put the stuffing in the middle of the tortilla and pinch the edges. Leave the pies to proof for 10 minutes. Then take a frying pan, or (cauldron) pour in it grows. butter and fry patties on both sides. They roast very quickly, because the filling is ready. Enjoy your meal!

Chicken hearts in cheese sauce

Chicken hearts in cheese sauce Ingredients chicken hearts – 700 g; sour cream 20% – 3 tbsp. l (with a slide); processed cheese (“amber”) – 100 g; garlic – 2 cloves; onion – 1 pc .; greens (dill, parsley) – 1 bunch; salt, pepper – to taste; starch – 2 pinches; sunflower oil for frying. […]

Secrets of delicious pilaf! Plus phased cooking Uzbek pilaf!

Secrets of delicious pilaf! Plus phased cooking Uzbek pilaf! The secrets of delicious pilaf * Carrots need to be cut with a long straw and not to rub. Do not be afraid to overdo it with a length, the longer the straw, the more delicious pilaf. * The best dishes for pilaf are a thick […]


Bulls-eye Ingredients: Minced beef-1 kg Onion-1 pcs Egg-8 pcs Bread 3 slices Milk-50 ml Garlic-3 cloves Salt, black pepper Boil 6 eggs. Bread is soaked in milk and softened as we go through a meat grinder or blender. Onion, garlic, bread and 1 egg, add minced meat through a meat grinder. .After this time, lay […]

Sherlock salad is very tasty and tender.

Sherlock salad is very tasty and tender. Fried onions give a special touch to such a hearty recipe. And the name of this salad speaks for itself – it prepares simply elementary, Watson !. To make Sherlock Salad you will need: – 250g boiled chicken fillet; – 200g pickled champignons; – 4 boiled eggs; – […]

Cabbage cake for the lazy

Cabbage cake for the lazy This recipe fully justifies its name, as it is cooked indecently quickly and easily. And to spoil it is also absolutely impossible, even if you are just an aspiring cook. In fact, it turns out something between a pie and a casserole. I really like cabbage and pastries with it, […]

Herring under a Fur Coat

Herring under a Fur Coat 2 forms will require: 4pcs potatoes Beet 4pcs Carrots 2pcs 4pcs eggs Herring 400g (can be more) Onions 1-2pcs Mayonnaise 200g Gelatin 10g Water 50g Dill for decoration Black peppercorns for eyes ⠀ Grate grated beets, carrots, eggs (I used only proteins), potatoes. Soak gelatin in hot water (not boiling […]