Mince roll

Mince roll
500 g of minced meat
2 medium onions
2-3 pieces of bread (loaf)
2 eggs
2 garlic cloves
salt, spices.

For filling
2 onions
1 PC. carrot
Greens bunch
And cheese optional c ~ 50


Kotovym meat. In minced meat add finely chopped and fried in a pan until golden onion, softened loaf in water, eggs. All mix, pepper and salt to taste.
Cooking stuffing.
To do this, the remaining two onions, carrot cut into cubes and fry. Cook hard boiled eggs and also cut into cubes. Greens add.
Meat mass spread out the table, previously covered with cling film. Smear the film with vegetable oil. Make minced thin rectangular sheet. Put the stuffing in the middle: (onions with carrots, eggs and cheese)
Then you can collapse. The seam point should be at the bottom. Sprinkle the surface of meat with breadcrumbs, (I forgot to buy them unfortunately) or how I cover it with parchment paper. Bake the roll for about 50 minutes (last 20 minutes open the roll and bake without paper) at a temperature of 200 degrees.
As a side dish, I like Russian salad or vegetable.
Enjoy your meal!

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