Home Fat Roll

Home Fat Roll

You will need:

Pork lard 2 kg
Chicken thighs 1 pc.
Salt, pepper mix to taste
Garlic 1 goal.

How to cook:

1. So, since I have a big and thick piece for a roll, it needs to be cut off. It’s simple – cut off excess fat until then, until there remains a thin layer. Try to roll roll. Does it roll up easily? Well, you got what you need.
What am I doing with the rest of the bacon? Well, firstly, it can be turned into lard, melt (but I do not like it). Secondly, you can pre-cut into the necessary pieces – for pushing borscht, for patered spreading from fat, for zazharki kulesha, etc. You do not need so much? Well, buy a thin piece of bacon immediately.

2. Spread a piece of bacon on the board, salt and pepper it to taste (better abundantly!). At this stage, you can add grated carrots (it will look nice and bright, but the taste of boiled carrots will still be!), Garlic plates (then you cannot eat a snack before work (hee-hee!). I added some chicken meat. Just cut off the flesh with 1 chicken, cut into small pieces and laid out on half a piece of bacon.

3. Things are easy – we roll up the roll. Carefully, slowly. You will succeed. Let it roll up not very smoothly, just to make it tighter (so that the middle roll does not remain empty).
The finished roll should be tightened with twine, thread or any other devices – in general, fasten!)))
And now we need to boil it. You do not like boiled bacon? I would not believe it! You just did not try it in Ukraine!

4. For cooking, there are 2 options.
The first. Just drop the roll in a saucepan with water, cover it loosely and cook on low heat for about 1.5 hours (pierce and try – ready or not). With this method, most of the fat is melted from the roll. He, of course, becomes not so fat, but at the same time his taste is not quite lard)
Second. I was cooking by this method. Roll put in a food bag, expel air and tie. And in this form, drop into the pan. Then everything, as in the first method. Then roll is obtained with a rich, mild taste of fat.
Yes, in the pan (or in the bag with the roll) when cooking you can throw a bay leaf, peppercorns, allspice – they will give the flavor.

5. Now the roll must be cooled, wrapped in foil and stored in the refrigerator for a long time in this form.

But how cool it is to put a thin slice of bacon roll on black bread! And if the top adjika? Or mustard, or horseradish.
It can not be that you do not like fat!

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