Flapjacks with potatoes!

Flapjacks with potatoes!


– Flour – 700-800 g
– Milk (250 ml in dough, 100 ml in mashed potatoes) – 350 ml
– Egg – 3 pcs
– Potatoes – 800 g
– Butter – 150 g
– Dill (fresh)
– salt
– Onion (large) – 1 pc


1. Finely chop the onion, sauté it in butter until golden brown.

2. We cut finely dill.

3. Cook the potatoes with salt. We make mashed boiled potatoes.

4. In the finished mashed potatoes add the browned onions, dill, 50g of butter, 100ml of milk.

5. Mix everything. Stuffing for kuzikmyaka ready!

6. Add eggs to milk, some salt and flour. Knead the dough. It turns out elastic and obedient.

7. Thinly thin rolls the dough.

8. Cut circles into the size you need. I cut out a saucer, whose diameter is 18 cm. We put round thin blanks on a plate, do not forget to sprinkle flour between them, so as not to stick together (I forgot about the flour, and the last 5 pieces I grabbed tightly, do not repeat my mistake :))

9. Finished flat cakes are fried on dry! pan, without adding any oil! Lepeshechka will be covered with bubbles and golden dots will appear on it, which means it’s ready!

10. Roasted tortillas on top grease with melted butter.

11. On a fried, buttered cake, spread the potato stuffing to the middle.

12. We fold the cake with the filling in half and oil it on top. Kuzikmyak is ready!

Cover the flat cakes with a towel, let them soak in oil for half an hour! Before serving.

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