Fish salad – cake with crackers

Fish salad – cake with crackers

– 200 – 250 g – salty crackers (it took 36 of me, and the author has 48 rounds)
– 1 bank – any canned fish (saury, tuna, pink salmon – I made it with pink salmon)
– bunch of green onions (I did with red onions)
– 4 – boiled eggs
– 150 g – hard cheese
– 1 tooth. – garlic
– mayonnaise

1. First, I finely cut a small red onion and pickled it in water with salt, sugar and vinegar for 15-20 minutes.
2. Then poured the marinade through a strainer.
3. From the pink salmon I poured the liquid, crushed the fish with a fork, added onions and mayonnaise.
4. Cheese rubbed on a medium grater, squeezed a clove of garlic to it and mixed with mayonnaise.
5. Eggs cleaned, separated two yolks (left for the upper layer), and rubbed the rest of the eggs on a medium grater, slightly salted and added mayonnaise.
6. So we got three kinds of fillings for our salad cake – fish, egg and cheese.
7. Let us lay the salad in layers on a large plate or dish.
1 layer – crackers (I had 9 pieces in each layer);
2 layer – egg stuffing
3 layer – crackers
4 layer – fish stuffing
5 layer – crackers;
6 layer – cheese filling
7 layer – crackers.
8. Next, smear the top layer of crackers with mayonnaise and sprinkle with yolks rubbed on a fine grater (this time I caught eggs with very bright yolks).
9. Decorate as desired. Let the salad stand for at least 2 hours at room temperature and 1 hour. in a refrigerator. But it is better to let the salad stand overnight.

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