Delicious homemade burgers – cooking secrets:

Delicious homemade burgers – cooking secrets:

* It is better to take minced meat for cutlets: pork with chicken or pork, beef and chicken.
* Soak bread or bread in cream.
* Only yolks are added to the patties, the protein gives them rigidity.
* Finely chop the onion and pound in a mortar for juiciness.
* All for the same juiciness dilute minced boiling water. Oddly enough, but the cutlets are very juicy.
* Add finely grated potatoes or finely chopped raw cabbage to patties for extra juiciness and lightness.
* For juiciness add broth, not kefir or sour cream.
* Be sure to knock out the ready stuffing.
* Fry the patties in batter – a mixture of flour, milk and eggs.
All these subtleties will help you cook tasty and juicy burgers.


* Stuffing – 600 grams;
* Onions – 1 pc .;
* Roll or bread – 200 grams;
* Cream – 50 grams;
* Salt, pepper, seasonings for meatballs – to taste;
* Garlic – 1-2 teeth;
* Potatoes – 1 piece;
* Yolk – 1 pc.
* Greens – at will.


1. Meat mince.
2. Onion chop and grind.
3. Soak bread in cream.
4. Chop the potato or cabbage.
5. Mix everything, add seasonings, garlic and beat the minced meat.
6. Let stand a little in the fridge.
7. To form cutlets, you can put a bit of frozen broth or water in each one – this will add extra juiciness.
8. Fry, dipped in batter or just in flour, from two sides to the crust.
9. Ready cutlets must be brought to readiness in the oven or in the cauldron. I most often spread to the cauldron, pour in a little broth, add pepper, bay leaf and let it stew on a small fire for 15 minutes.
If you follow these tips, delicious homemade burgers will always be yours.

Enjoy your meal!

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