9 recipes for pizza lovers

9 recipes for pizza lovers

1. Pizza with a delicious corner
2. Pizza “Wonderful”
3. Homemade pizza
4. Country Pizza
5. Pizza in a pan for 10 minutes
6. Great pizza dough
7. Pizza “favorite”
8. Thin Pizza Dough
9. Pepperoni Pizza

1. Pizza with a delicious corner

-150ml warm water
-0.5 tsp Sahara
-0.5 tsp salt
-2 Art. spoons of olive or vegetable oil
-8 g dry yeast (1 tsp)
-1.5 Art. flour

Stir sugar in water, add yeast and put in a warm place for about 10 minutes. Sift flour, add salt, butter and prepared yeast, knead dough well, form a bun, put in a bowl, cover with foil, put in a warm place until it rises 2 times (about an hour goes away). split in half, knead and roll circles, then filling and your imagination.
Today I have served for sausages, cheese, bell pepper, pickled cucumbers, tomato sauce and mayonnaise.
I put sausages on the edge of a rolled circle on the edge, cut them in half, wrapped the edge, and tweaked it well. You can lay out not only sausages, but all the ingredients of any filling, finely chopped, pinch the edges, but you no longer need to cut them – you get a pizza with a side.
If with a sausage – we make cuts every 1-2 cm, and unfold the sausage up, in the center of the pizza lay out the stuffing.
In the hot oven 200 C for 10-15 minutes. Enjoy your meal!

2. Pizza “Wonderful”

For the dough: 500 g of flour, ½ cup of water, ½ cup of milk, 1 egg, 4 tbsp. tablespoons of melted cream margarine, ½ bag of dry yeast, 1 tbsp. l sugar ½ tsp salt.

For the filling: 2-3 tbsp. l tomato paste or ketchup, 6 sausages, 1 large onion, 2 bell peppers, 2 tomatoes, 200 g of hard cheese, 2 processed cheese, mayonnaise, ½ buns of parsley.


Knead the yeast dough: mix dry yeast with flour, add warm water and milk, then egg, beaten with sugar and salt. Stir the dough constantly, add melted margarine at the end. Cover the dough with a towel, leave to approach for 20 minutes.

Grate hard cheese, finely chop the rest of the products.

Roll out the dough in a thin (moderately) layer, put it on a baking sheet greased with vegetable oil. Spread a billet with tomato paste or ketchup, sprinkle with onion, put the slices of sausages, peppers, processed cheese. Can be applied mesh from mayonnaise.

Put in preheated 200 gr. oven for 20 min. Then put the tomato mugs on the pizza, sprinkle with parsley, grated hard cheese, and bake for another 5 minutes.

3. Pizza at home

For filling
– 250-300 g smoked sausages, ham or sausages (to taste),
– 200 g of mushrooms,
– 200 g of hard cheese,
– 150 g semi-hard cheese
– 1 fresh tomato,
– ½ onions,
– fresh pepper, pickled cucumbers, corn – to taste,
– mayonnaise,
– 3-4 Art. l ketchup or tomato sauce,
– Fresh greens – for decoration.

To test
– 200-250 g of flour,
– 1 tbsp. l olive oil,
– salt – to taste,
– 1 tsp. dry yeast,
– 1 tbsp. warm water.

1. Knead the dough. Mix the flour with salt and dry yeast, then gently add warm water, add olive oil and knead the dough.
If you overdo it with water and the dough will turn out too thin, add a little more flour (to the extent that the dough does not turn out solid).
Knead the dough thoroughly and let it stand in a warm place for 30-40 minutes, covering the container with the dough with a towel.
2. Wash the mushrooms and cut them into medium thickness, chop the onions and tomatoes into rings or half rings, and smoked sausages in circles. If you are using ham, cut it into slices. Rub cheese on a coarse grater.
If you mix two or more sorts of cheese to taste, then your pizza will turn out spicy and original. Of course, you can use one variety of favorite cheese.
3. When the dough is infused, mix it and roll out a thin pizza crust.
Take into account: the dough should be soft and airy, if you stick to your hands – do not rush to add a lot of flour, otherwise the basis for pizza during baking will be solid.
4. Lay out the pizza base on a baking tray covered with baking paper. To prevent the pizza from burning, sprinkle some flour on the baking paper, and then lay out the dough. The edges of the future pizza wrap beautifully.
5. Smear the pizza crust with ketchup (mayonnaise, sauce) and lay out the stuffing. You can show imagination and add everything that your heart desires to the pizza. The main thing is to top it all covered with cheese.
For homemade pizza is delicious: sausages, mushrooms, onion rings, some corn, tomatoes, cheese. For savory taste – slices of pickled cucumbers or olives.
Do not forget to smear the layers of the filling with mayonnaise to make the pizza juicy. But do not overdo it with the sauce, so that the pizza does not flow when baking.
6. Bake pizza for 20-30 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees. Readiness check on the softness of the cake. Do not overdo the pizza in the oven, otherwise the dough may be too dry and hard.
7. Cut the finished pizza into pieces, decorate with fresh greens and

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